Google Sheets Deep Dive

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A Google Sheets Deep Dive

Most of you know Excel very well, but many of you may not realize how much you can do with Google Sheets, and how powerful it is in collaboration...

In several (maybe all) of these lessons you will get a template in advance with some data so you can work on it WITH me during the live or recorded sessions 


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Workbooks and recordings are extra 😎



The Lessons May Change slightly, but here's the outline so far:


Lesson 1 - - How To Get To Google Sheets

  • Getting started with a new Google Sheet
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Open Excel Sheets and Convert to Google Sheets
  • Formulas - from basic to vlookup and sumif
  • Excel Shortcuts for Google Sheets
  • Google Sheets Template Library - what can we do with these?


Lesson 2 - Formatting Data - The Simple Projection Worksheet

Here you'll get a template to work with, and during the lesson I'll show you how to create this same template from a blank spreadsheet


Lesson 3 - How to Build A Slick Dashboard with Charts and Pivot Tables.

This time we'll get some sample financial data to work with, and we'll build a dashboard with charts and graphs etc..


Lesson 4 - Other Data Sources and Automation

In this final lesson we'll look at how to grab live data from other sources and feed it into Google Sheets so a dashboard like the one from Lesson 3 will stay up to date in real time!

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