How to Nurture Relationships with Nimble CRM

Get More Clients Your Way

This is a 4 lesson deep dive on Nimble CRM as I demonstrate how Nimble CRM will help you implement your process and workflow around growing your network and getting more clients.

Achieve a more intentional platform for generating referrals and building relationships with your prospects and referral partners.

It's time to get intentional about bringing new clients into your business.

I will show you how to use Nimble to track every relationship that's important to you.

You will learn not just how to identify opportunities, but how to create them.

This is one of the core strategies I am going to show you in this course. How you can use Nimble to identify the influencers in your target industry, see what they are talking about in social media, and then get in on the conversation.


What you'll get:


Lesson 1 - Getting Started with Nimble

Of course we're going to show you how to get set up and started with Nimble.

Then we're going to get right into some of Nimble's most powerful features that will enable you to find influencer's in the industries you want to serve, and engage with them, so they can get to know you, and you can be seen as one among them in front of the people they influence (your potential clients).

We're going to show you how you can load up a lot of contacts into Nimble at once, and then we're going to discuss why that might not be a good idea. In other words, use with caution. 

Then we're review Nimble's Today screen and how to customize it so that you can start here every day and know what's coming up in your day and whom you need to get in touch with!

The 14 page workbook for this lesson is now included (linked in the lesson)


Lesson 2 - Contact Organization and Management

Here we start with The Anatomy of a Contact - every piece of information that you can describe or include about a contact including custom fields. 

A view of the notes, emails, and other communications you've had with a contact right there in their profile.

How to clean up information in a contact (and how Nimble finds contacts' info on the web and pulls it in FOR you).

How to use Tags to group contacts based on a common thread, and then send them all an email right from Nimble to (eg) remind them about an upcoming event or meeting.

How to save segments based on all kinds of search criteria so you can quickly and easily reference a network within your network and get in touch.


Lesson 3 - Build Your Referral System, Build Your Network

This is the lesson where I bring things home and show you how to build a very intentional process for capturing referrals from referral partners and making it (a) incredibly easy for them to refer people to you and (b) incredibly easy for you to follow up with your leads and easily tell who referred them to you. All of this is tracked in Nimble CRM of course.

First you'll learn how to set u custom fields in Nimble so you can track URL's among other things. This is important so that when a referral partner reaches out and asks, "where's my link I have a referral for you?" you can pull up his / her / their profile in Nimble CRM in 30 seconds, grab the URL and send it to them. 

Then you'll learn how to build that system that generates the referrals in Airtable so you can capture the leads and track who sent them. 

Once the above is complete you'll want to save a "Referral Partners" segment in Nimble CRM so you can reach out to them as a grou very easily. 

Finally we'll show you how to use LinkedIn to find potential referral partners. 


Lesson 4 - Nimble CRM Automation

In this lesson you'll learn how to build a few Zaps that will automate processes to make your life simple and efficient while you grow your network.

The first one will show you how to grab the leads generated in your Airtable referral system (see previous lesson) and add them as contacts in Nimble with the right tags. 

Next I'll show you how I set up a Zap to take contacts who join my new network called, "Sethworks" add them as contacts in Nimble, tag them "Mighty Networks" so i know they're members and push the URL for their member profile into a custom field in Nimble CRM. 

Last but not least, I'll show you how to take a new contact in Nimble CRM and add them as a new customer in QuickBooks Online, ONLY if they have the tag, "New Client."


How to Nurture Relationships with Nimble CRM

$197.00 USD

This course goes way beyond teaching you

how to use Nimble CRM.


It teaches you a process and workflow design for

getting and tracking referrals so you can grow your business with intention. 

How to Nurture Relationships with Nimble CRM

$197.00 USD