How to Nurture Relationships with Nimble CRM

A 4 Week Series Every Friday Starting June 4 from 8 am - 9:30 am Pacific Time

Get More Clients Your Way

This is a 4 week deep dive on Nimble CRM as I demonstrate how Nimble CRM will help you implement your process and workflow around growing your network and getting more clients.

Achieve a more intentional platform for generating referrals and building relationships with your prospects and referral partners

It's time to get intentional about bringing new clients into your business.

I will show you how to use Nimble to track every relationship that's important to you.

You will learn not just how to identify opportunities, but how to create them.

This is one of the core strategies I am going to show you in this course. How you can use Nimble to identify the influencers in your target industry, see what they are talking about in social media, and then get in on the conversation.

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