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If you love my content, and you're inclined to share it with others, I'd love to send you a "thank you" for anyone you refer!

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Nerd's Affiliate Program

Give me your inspired, your motivated, and your hungry friends and colleagues.

Hungry people don't stay hungry for long.

If you're hungry, then you are motivated to learn.

And I can teach you!

The program is simple.

I'll pay you 20%.

If you refer a subscription, you get that 20% every month as long as the person stays on.

I pay you monthly via ACH / Relay Financial.

When you sign up to become an affiliate you will be asked to create a password. 

Even if you already have an account on my site, this is a separate login that is reserved only for the affiliate area.

Feel free to use the same password you already use on my site!

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