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Bulletproof Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online

Go from Compliance to Bulletproof.

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Nerd's Bulletproof Bookkeeping

With QuickBooks Online

When it comes to accounting and bookkeeping...

There is compliance - "good enough?"

Then there is bulletproof. 

This means every single number

on every financial report

can be PROVEN.

This course teaches you how to set up, record,

and document "bulletproof" books! 

No accounting background needed!

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Know Your Instructor


My name is Seth David and I've worked in the accounting industry for over 20 years.

I've been teaching accounting, bookkeeping, and productivity online for over 15 years. 

Now I also teach Microsoft Excel among other things at Santa Monica College.

I know how to explain accounting in terms a "non-accountant" can understand.

My company, Nerd Enterprises, Inc. has helped 1000's of companies like yours succeed by having the right foundation in the numbers.

Bulletproof bookkeeping is about having a set of books you can rely on. I have taken all of my experience and combined it into this one course.

When I worked as an auditor, I learned the process for how auditors verify the numbers. 

This course shows you how to put those numbers together and create the right audit trail so that you can prove every number on every financial report.

Here's what people are saying...

“I just watched your free video and I can honestly say I learned more valuable information in that 53 minutes than I have in the “program” I have been in. Thanks so much for sharing so freely!!”
— Stacie Hays
“I just love to listen to Nerd Enterprises, Inc. He is precise, logical and knows his accounting. He is my savior! Thanks.”

- Maya Legrand

“This really broke it down for me in simple terms. I've gone to your teachings many times and they always help. Great teacher..”

- Karen Bailey

The Business Owner's Bulletproof Bookkeeping Course

Go from Compliance to Bulletproof.

"This video rocked and you did an outstanding job. I had no clue where to start with booking or accounts and now I feel comfortable enough to start. Thanks again."

Ar Vaj

Need More Proof?

Here's a 30 minute video that teaches you the basics of bookkeeping.

Bulletproof Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online

Go from Compliance to Bulletproof.


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