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Do you want accounting and bookkeeping reports for your real estate brokerage that you can trust?

If you want to dramatically improve your bookkeeping to give you the confidence you need that you can trust your numbers, this is the most important message you will ever read!

Hello friend!

Let's skip the long intro and cut to the chase. 

You need data so that you can run your business and make informed decisions, and you need it fast.

And if you've paid attention to my YouTube channel and elsewhere online then you know that lots of people, including other accountants and bookkeepers are learning from me. 

Now people cram my inbox and my online communities with questions...and desperately trying to figure out how to keep a solid set of books. Books that you can genuinely refer to as, "Bulletproof!"

You don't need a degree in accounting, nor any certifications, but you DO need the skills.

Some of you may be skeptical, especially if you are not someone who has watched me for years as many have.

You may have questions, and hopefully some of these comments in regard to my original Bulletproof Bookkeeping ™ course will help alleviate your concerns.

This is an opportunity for real estate brokers and the accountants and bookkeepers who serve them to learn and get access to an on going resource that will add tremendous value to your business.

Between the courses and the community you will have the resources you need to build an unshakable foundation in this extremely important area of your accounting and bookkeeping!



✅ The difference between great bookkeeping and bad bookkeeping

✅ The difference between accurate books and messy books

✅ The difference between recording transactions efficiently and losing time

How to substantially automate your bookkeeping process

✅ How to handle Trust Funds

How to record payments made at the table

✅ Royalties, finders fees, and franchise fees

How to get a report that shows you exactly how much you made on a listing.

These are just some of the differences between a solid accounting process and a soggy one!


You're playing a very high leverage game and you are probably just realizing now, how important your accounting and bookkeeping is.

Most business owners don't focus on the accounting and bookkeeping

until things get bad.

And then it's often too late!

▶️ This course with over 10 hours of instructional video



▶️ The Accounting for Real Estate Broker's Textbook



▶️ Recordings from the original launch 4 Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Session



▶️ Participation in my private networking community and Q&A Forum with additional live events


I am going to teach you how to protect your business with a process for putting books together that will enable you to do this more effectively, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy that most can ever do!

If you've watched the 6 part video series they you have an understanding of how I took my experience as an auditor and turned it into a process for compiling Bulletproof Books ™.

This material is 100% up to date as it has just been developed within the last year, and I will be updating and adding appendices to keep it that way!

The majority of people who are charged with the responsibilities of running a business act like freelancers who really don't understand what they have signed up for. They comingle personal and business funds, and they generally don't treat a business like a business.

This is why a sole proprietor is 10x more likely to get audited - because the IRS expects them to be inexperienced and make mistakes.

I will teach you how to treat your business like a business. You will understand your business at a level, depth, breadth, and context that is above anyone else.

Most business owners look at their profit and loss statement,

see how much money they made and wonder where it all went. 

I can show you the answer to that question in less than 5 minutes.

And then I can show you how, with the right accounting process,

you can keep more of what you make,

so you no longer have to ask that question. 


Here's exactly what you are going to get...


Section 1 - Set Up QuickBooks Online For Real Estate Brokers

A walk through of everything you need to know to get set up and started using QuickBooks Online for a real estate brokerage including each of the following main areas:


✨ Setup and settings


✨ Chart of Accounts


✨ Products and Services


✨ Customers


✨ Vendors


✨ Bank Feeds


✨ Custom Fields

Section 2 - Recording a Listing / Buy


✨ Commission Disbursement Authorization


✨ Sketch it out in Google Sheets First


✨ Record Your Gross Commission


✨ Trust Accounts - Funds Received


Section 3 - Recording Expenses


✨ Paying Your Agents and Applying Trust Funds


✨ Paying Expenses


✨ Agent Caps


✨ Staging Expenses


✨ Royalties


✨ Finders Fees


✨ Franchise Fees

Section 4 - Balance Sheet Management


✨ Back To Bank Feeds


✨ Using The Balance Sheet As Your Checklist

Section 5 - Reports


✨ Balance Sheet


✨ Profit and Loss


✨ Statement of Cash Flows


✨ Profit and Loss for One Listing


✨ Profit and Loss by Agent


✨ Other Agent Reports

Section 6 - Project Management


✨ An Overview of Project Management for Real Estate Brokers


✨ QuickBooks Online Advanced - Custom Fields


✨ Linking to Transactions


✨ Airtable -  Set up and manage your agents and listings with a powerful database building tool. 


✨ ClickUp - A best in class and highly customizable project management tool - How To Set It Up And Use It For Your Real Estate Brokerage


✨ Dynalist - The perfect tool for note taking, and to brainstorm, organize an manage lists and ideas about anything and everything.





✨ Appendix A - Use Tags to Track Agents


✨ Appendix B - Track1099.com


I'm Also Giving You FREE Bonuses worth $7,300

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If you know anything about me, then you know I always over deliver. I actually care about the results you get and that's why I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you have the resources and help you need. 


To make sure you get amazing results from this I've giving away bonuses worth $7,300.


Here's what I've got for you...

Bonus 1

4 Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Session

(Value: $4,500)


✨ Each week for 4 weeks I will hold a Zoom session where you can ask any questions you have.


✨ Get Access To Me Personally On A Daily Basis (I'll Be Super Active In The Community, Answering Questions, Looking At Transactions, Helping Out And Coaching You)


✨ Receive Ongoing Support As You work on your accounting and bookkeeping as part of a community


✨ Create Accountability with fellow students


✨ You'll see what works for others and you'll be able to learn from them as they share what they are learning


✨ You'll get to hang out with some of my most successful friends, many of whom are other accounting and bookkeeping professionals with tons of experience in both tax and accounting

Bonus 2

The Textbook

 (Value: $397)

✨This isn't some fluffy eBook. It's wide, deep, and substantive with detailed write ups and screen shots you can follow along between videos 


✨ This is done in a live Google Document which means I can update it any time.



Bonus 3 - Online Community

(Value: $1,200)


✨ 24/7/365 Access to a rich online community


✨ Post questions by topic (sections of the course) for easy reference later on.


✨ Learn from the answers to others' questions.


✨ Live events to help make sure you have plenty of on going support.

Nice, right?

I'm giving you the skills you need and the resources to develop those skills so you can always rely on your books to give you accurate information that you can trust. 

That means you can finally use your accounting reports to make intelligent decisions.

I've been working in accounting and bookkeeping for over 20 years now and I've made a lot of money with one basic principle at the foundation of everything I do...

Wrap it up so neatly that it's easier to work with me than anyone else!


Here's what To Do Next


If you'd like accounting and bookkeeping reports for your real estate brokerage that you can trust without a doubt, enroll in this course now. 

You can enroll for $747 one time, lifetime access.

But the way I see it, this won't cost you a thing.

With the focus you'll get back on selling real estate, this will pay for itself within a month or two. 

And then all of the rest of the additional listings you can close with the increased focus are pure ROI (Return On Investment).

This course is an investment

All I need from you is to click on the link below and sign up for Bulletproof Bookkeeping  with QuickBooks Online for Real Estate Brokers and you'll have instant access to the course and bonuses. 


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Finally, I will be following up with you via the community to learn more about you and where you need the most help. Then I will design the 4 week coaching program based on what you tell me you need help with. 

Make sure you join the community so we can stay in constant communication. If you email me, you will likely be talking to my assistant (who's awesome by the way)! 

In total you will get access to well over 10 hours of video training including the recordings of the live training from the bonus program. 


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