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Nerd Buzz is the new blog / semi private community.

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What is Nerd Buzz and Why?

I've been delivering content online for over 10 years now. I've built a loyal following as a result.

That would be you! I think?... I hope?

Everyone has a blog! 

I wanted to do something different in this next phase of my development.

Nerd Buzz is more than a blog. It's a resource and a community. 

When I first moved to Kajabi I was excited about how easy I was going to be able to make it for you to find, access, and absorb my resources. 

Kajabi does offer a good old fashioned blog area.

And I could have used that.

But the structure that a "course" in Kajabi gives me in order to organize and categorize content makes it easy for you to reference my content.

So I shot myself in the foot!


I lose the SEO value by putting this content in a course instead of a simple blog.

I am also making it a tad harder for you to access it because you have to register with your email.

You can choose not to receive emails by NOT checking the checkbox.


Otherwise the updates you receive will be about new additions to this resource.

I am at a stage in my own development where I want my community to be a little more intimate and a little more engaged. 

I don't want to be all things to all people. 

I want to be me.

Seth David.

I'm a teacher who breaks complicated things down in terms that people with less or no experience can understand.

I'm on your level. I don't talk down to you. I treat you with respect and I understand that the reason you came to me is you don't have the experience I have. That doesn't make me smarter than you. It makes me more experienced at this one thing, or in this one area.

Welcome to Nerd Buzz

I hope you do engage and reach out to me.

I hope I can help you get things done faster, more easily, and without sacrificing any quality.

I'll see you inside!

- Seth David, President and Chief Nerd at Nerd Enterprises, Inc. 

And if you need some extra help?...

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