Process and Work-flow Design

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Process and Work-flow Design

In this 4 part series you will get the blueprint and gain the skills needed to design your process and build your work-flow.

This won't be theory. It will be the practical application of the steps you need to get extreme clarity on what this looks like and how to create a process that works. 

Here's the outline:


Lesson 1 Design Your processes

  • Reverse Engineer and Outline Your Processes
  • Bookkeeping Clients
  • Tax Clients
  • CFO & Advisory Clients
  • Process Design Conclusion and Recap
  • Communications - How will you communicate with your clients?


Lesson 2 - Build Your Workflows

  • Workflow : Signing a new prospect
  • Outline the process
  • Build the workflow
  • Project Management - The anatomy of a task
  • Workflow: Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Tax Engagement Workflow


Lesson 3 - Automating Your Workflows

  • Uncategorized Expenses
  • How to Automate Your Bookkeeping Process
  • Bookmarks - Extreme Bookmarking
  • Automate Syncing Contacts
  • Zapier
  • How do you know what to automate?


Lesson 4 - Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, and Engage

  • Capture
    • Getting Things Done
    • Our Brains Are Stupid
    • The Everything Board
    • Set Your Statuses
    • The Views
  • Clarify
    • The Process
    • Daily
    • Weekly
  • Imagine?
    • Reference
  • The Apps
  • To Help You Reduce Stress!


Here's a sneak peak...


You have to work backwards.


What does the "End" look like?


I want to look at 3 types of engagements;


  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax
  • CFO & Advisory


Your Process and Work-flow for each of these is going to look very different.

But the end result is probably not as different as you might think.


The main reason for that is most of you don't think far enough out when you think of the end result.


For bookkeeping you'll say the end result is getting the books closed each month and then for the year. And maybe you'll talk about the kinds of reports your clients will get on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.


For a tax client you'll say it's when the tax returns are filed (and hopefully you've saved them some money on their taxes).


And for a CFO & Advisory client you'll say it's when the client is able to make informed decisions based on the guidance you are giving them. 


All of these are really just the beginning, maybe the middle.


How's this for an end result?...


My client is so blown away by how much more they got, than they bargained for, that they are now (a) asking you how they can increase their services with you and (b) they are 100% motivated to find referrals for you. 




And (c) They write rave reviews.


You are THE GOTO PERSON for bookkeeping, taxes, and CFO & Advisory services.

Because everyone else just sucks!


This ^^^ is how you want people thinking about you and your services. 


THAT's an ending I can live with because that's an ending where the story goes on, and it expands.


Now how do we tell that story?...

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Process and Workflow Design

$197.00 USD
Process and Workflow Design

$197.00 USD