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I have weekly live events (webinars), zoom in with seth, nerd buzz, notes from nerd's desktop, bulletproof bookkeeping webinars, templates for sale, and my world famous 97 & Up, accounting business academy program!

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Planet of the Apps

I am known for the many apps I use in order to maximize productivity and work more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater accuracy.

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Live Events

Friday Zooms and Bulletproof Bookkeeping Webinars, as well as guest appearances on other people's webcasts and podcasts. Get the details here...

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97 & Up

My mastermind program for mentoring accountants and bookkeepers. Set goals and stay focused. Grow your practice and improve your skills.

CFO Support Plans

Work with Seth

Get the best support in the industry from a comprehensive review of your books to assess your needs to cash flow forecasts with a ton of attention!

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Nerd Buzz

Like a "blog" but organized more like a course, including recordings from Webinars, and much more.

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Trial Balance, Effective Interest, Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist and more...

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Nerd's Affiliate Program

Love my content? Why not get paid when you refer someone who signs up for one of my programs?

QuickBooks Online Support

Staff Accounting Support

Have a staff member trained by Seth David remote in with you and clean up QuickBooks Online

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